Sunday, January 1, 2012

Thank you Krogg

Well if anyone is reading this, you probably know enough about me already so no introduction really needed, right?

I'd like to dedicate this first post to my friend, Sam Johnson, my teammate last year and still badass rider for exergy in 2012.  Sam is a great guy, but Krogg is even better.  Krogg keeps a blog called

and the thing is filled with hilarious content, stories, and pictures.  heck, I should have thought of keeping such a blog while I was probably would have kept me a lot more occupied rather than refreshing and every 5 minutes. 

I've been thinking and looking back on my past year...but it occurred to me how awesome Sam is.  I think cycling made me a bit of a selfish ass and I didn't really value people or friendships as much as I should.  but now that i really think about it...Sam is an all around good guy.  the dude looks like he could model for Calvin Klein.  at the same time, he does 4 hours base rides at what used to be my threshold wattage (which is probably now about 100 watts).  and sam is just super you can't hate the guy even if you tried.

so sam...or krogg, here's to you buddy.  you are the inspiration for starting this thing.  i hope to discover some sanity, happiness, and a new hobby through this thing.  you were an awesome teammate and are one of the most sincere, down to earth people i know.  ride fast in 2012 and beat all those other non-exergy folk with your club (except for baldwin...i like that guy). 

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