Friday, January 6, 2012

Burnt eggs

I have a love hate relationship with cooking.  To be honest, I suck.  I end up burning things, setting fire alarms off, and using the microwave way too much.  i've gotten myself sick way too many times (ask my teammate matt cooke) trying to cook chicken in the microwave.  i guess you can't eat chicken medium rare like steak.  but hell, cooking chicken takes so damn long and i want my chicken.  eat-more-chicken right?

i had the nickname of sparky because i set off a fire alarm in the guest house a couple times.  that was before i discovered the miracles of the kitchen fan.  i hated that nickname but it stuck.

but now...NOW, i can semi-cook.  yes folks, i have learned a few tricks of the trade.  before, my eggs looked like this:

i mean, who woulda thought there were "settings" to turning on the heat?  i'd always crank the thing up to high cause well, that meant faster eggs right?  well, my teammate benjamin chaddock opened my eyes to the wonders of the heat dial on the stove.  no longer did my pans look like this:
i was cooking sunny side up eggs!  who woulda known?

and then i learned the magic trick of putting a lid over the stove, and walla, you get this thing called over easy eggs where the white stuff magically forms over the egg yolk but you still get a runny yolk.

so, former teammates, be proud of me...i have learned to cook an egg.  check out this breakfast i made myself the other day.  look at those perfectly formed bundles of eggy goodness.

watch out, i'm going to stay in school forever.  after med school, i'm heading off to the culinary institute of america and i'll be making stuff like this:

Chris Hong, executive chef of Honginations, where we specialize in serving brussel sprouts 100 different ways.

I know, this blog is worthless.  But it's that or nucleotide metabolism and trust me, this blog would suck even more if i wrote about that.

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